Easy Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas to Try This 2019 Holiday Season

The busiest time of the year is slowly approaching and as you are so busy setting up the Christmas tree and hanging the Christmas stockings, you might be forgetting the attention that your nail deserves. This time of the year involves tons of lunch out, dinner date and Christmas get together and it is also the best time to turn your boring nails into a lovely highlight for the season. Browse through our collection and draw your inspiration to get that perfectly festive nail to match your outfit this yuletide season.

1. Candy Cane Nail Art

The classic candy pattern is a good design if you are not that good in drawing your nails. With just few nail dipping powder you can create this look in an instant. There are many ways to don this look, from simple red and white stripes design to matte or glittery pattern, the possibilities are endless and if you can’t decide which one to wear, might as well get five different statement nails. SNS Dip Nail has all the colors you need to recreate this design.

Things That Help Our Eyelashes Grow Longer and Look Thicker

Eyelashes and eyebrows are two outlines that make our eyeslook beautiful and perfectly groomed. Definitely, if you have thick, dense eyebrows that are well shaped along with long, thick and curled eyelashes,your eye will have triple the effect on your face and make it look even prettier than others.

To make sure you have that pretty doll=like look or a diva effect on your face with long tail mascara applied at the end of your eyes with long eyelashes, you need to take good care of your eyelashes by using the various tactics that help them grow better and longer.