Great Ways to Braid Curly Hair


Curly hair can be challenging to tame, but with these helpful tips, you’ll find that you’re able to get your curls under control and keep them looking fabulous. There are a few different ways to braid curly hair, depending on the look you’re going for. Braids work great if you want a fun look or if your goal is to go for an updo. If you want something more simple and elegant, try using two-strand braids instead of three-strand or four-strand braids. You’ll also need some good-quality products like serums and oils to ensure that your hair stays healthy no matter what style it’s in.

Braid curly hair for beginners

I know how difficult it can be to find a cute and easy hairstyle for your curly hair. I want to share some of the ways that you can braid your curly locks. You’ll need some bobby pins, a comb, and a good brush. Take small sections of hair and put them in the same direction on top of each other to form one long strand. Once you have enough strands together, start braiding from the bottom up using only two fingers per hand (one finger holding down the strand while the other goes over it). When you get near the ends, tie off with an elastic band or wrap it around itself like someone would do with wet hair before putting it into a bun or ponytail.

The best way to braid curly hair is by using a French braid. A French braid starts with three small braids, and then the ends of those braids are all tied together in one big knot. To do this, start by taking a section of your hair from the side and divide it into three sections. Then take each section and make a small braid out of it, leaving some space between each one so that you can tie them together at the end. Next, cross two of these strands over each other as if they were regular braids before tying them with an elastic band or another firm material like thread or yarn. Repeat on the other side until you have made knots for both sides.

Is it better to braid curly hair wet or dry?

hairstyleIf you have naturally curly hair, one of the critical questions you might ask yourself is whether it’s better to braid your hair while wet or dry. Curly hair can easily get weighed down if braided while wet and then dried again by a blow-dryer. However, if you’re looking for a style that will last all day long, it’s best to go with braiding when your locks are dry. This way, your natural texture will stay intact and not turn into lifeless curls from being touched up so many times throughout the day. The other option is to braid in tiny sections at night before bedtime and let them air dry overnight; this will give your curls plenty of time to set.

Curly hair can be tricky to manage at the best of times. Some women even choose to cut their curls short to keep them manageable. But if you have a lot of hair and want it all on display, there are some tricks for styling curly locks that can work wonders. One popular method is wet vs. dry braiding – which should you do?

Wet Braid: Wetting your hair before braiding helps condition it while also reducing frizziness from static electricity. The downside, however, is that this technique does not provide as much hold because the braid isn’t drying.