Easy Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas to Try This 2019 Holiday Season

The busiest time of the year is slowly approaching and as you are so busy setting up the Christmas tree and hanging the Christmas stockings, you might be forgetting the attention that your nail deserves. This time of the year involves tons of lunch out, dinner date and Christmas get together and it is also the best time to turn your boring nails into a lovely highlight for the season. Browse through our collection and draw your inspiration to get that perfectly festive nail to match your outfit this yuletide season.

1. Candy Cane Nail Art

The classic candy pattern is a good design if you are not that good in drawing your nails. With just few nail dipping powder you can create this look in an instant. There are many ways to don this look, from simple red and white stripes design to matte or glittery pattern, the possibilities are endless and if you can’t decide which one to wear, might as well get five different statement nails. SNS Dip Nail has all the colors you need to recreate this design.

2. Shimmering Champagne

This season is the time of the year where champagnes will be enjoyed throughout the holidays and if you are the type who don’t want to have loud nails, you can extend your love for champagne to your fingertips with this minimalistic yet stunning frosty manicure using SNS BC3.

3. Red and White Snowflake Design

The song White Christmas doesn’t always apply to everyone but you don’t have to be sad if it is not a thing where you live, you can create your own snowflakes onto your nail to let you feel the holiday mood instantly. Paint your nails red using SNS FC04 then add snowflakes once the polish is completely dry.

4. Polar Bear Plunge

Tired of the usual red and green nail that everyone is wearing this Christmas season? Well you can try this polar bear plunge using SNS Powder Color 323 Teal Titans. The soft teal background is perfect for this polar bear design.

5. Glitter Dusting

 Cannot leave your love for French Nail behind? Well, you can still wear that this season but let’s add a little twist to it. So instead of using the usual white tip, you can use SNS IS05 – Bragadocious and add some sparkle to your nail without doing the elaborate design. If you want to be more festive, you can do the snow falling effect and the good thing about this is that you can DIY it easily.

6. Snowy Pine

Green is the official color of the season whether you like it or not and if you want to make it more festive, go for the shimmery shade of green with SNS 330 I’m Forevergreen. The multi-chrome color is similar to the snow glistening on evergreen trees.

7. Christmas French

Again, you love French nail and you’re too afraid to try a festive design. If that’s the case then you can go for this Santa-inspired French tip design. Start with painting your nail bed with SNS LV26 Etoi’e then paint the tip with SNS GC369. Simple yet still in the holiday mood.

8. Holographic Glitter

Nothing says Christmas better that glitz and glamour and if you are looking for nail design idea that is not hard to pull off yet very festive, then this one is for you. The shimmering rainbow hues of SNS DC8 will keep the people mesmerized all night long especially when it catch the light. Be ready for people asking you about your digits.

9. Combination of Pink and Gold

Is the holiday keeping you busy and you can’t find the time to visit your favorite nail salon? Worry not because this nail design will only require 5 minutes of your time. Using SNS 326 Reincarnation as your base then dabbed each nail with SNS FC03 and you now have a gorgeous nail that you can don on your holiday soiree.

10. The Christmas Sweater Nail Art

 That ugly Christmas sweater you’ve been dreading to receive from grandma this Christmas can be paired with this cute nail art. By simply painting your nail with SNS DC2 your nail is now ready to be festive. Did you say that you cannot recreate the tiny sweater details on your own? Well, all you need is nail stamp to achieve this and you now that the prettiest of winter accessories.